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Episode 2 002 Simply, just work hard! by JimLiesman Episode 2 002 Simply, just work hard! by JimLiesman

Four was close to Kave when she suddenly dived down again. She decided to wait for the masculine girl but she dived rather long. Four was surprised when suddenly a big splash appeared not far from her.


“Phuaaah! Oh, you’re… Four right? I’m sorry, did you wait for me?”


Four answered no problem. The short haired girl smiled awkwardly, “Sorry, I just take this kind of thing very seriously.”


“Even if it’s only this kind of job?”


“Well, with that kind of thinking you won’t get anywhere. Every job matters. We have to work seriously at any condition! Simply, just work hard!”


Kave didn’t wait for Four’s answer and dived again. Four took a deep breath, and followed her. Underwater, Four could see Kave’s rather well-built figure already halfway down, even though only several seconds passed.


What swimming speed she had…!


Four swam with all her might, but she just couldn’t match Kave’s speed. By the time Four reached the bottom, Kave was already collecting a lot of trash.


This girl probably has the best physical ability in this team, Four thought as she saw Kave finished her job several minutes later and swam upwards at tremendous speed, probably also powered by her urge to breathe.

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